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Thank you, Maita, Siyabonga Ngakulu.


The aim of this drive is to keep our city clean. We intend to do this by mobilising the general public to keep their streets clean. The demise in street sweeping activity should motivate us not to sit back and complain but should mobilise us to act. Us as responsible citizens of Zimbabwe should then be empowered to re-create our Zimbabwe.

This concept is based on the Umuganda concept which is practised in Rwanda to bring the community together through initiatives that help not only keep the communities we live in clean but that bring about a community spirit. Similarly Zimbabweans have come together to bring the community together and say that together we can be our brothers keeper. This initiative is not just about keeping Zimbabwe litter-free, it is also an initiative which encourages the able bodied man to be able to effect change for their country. On the last Saturday of each month professionals are encouraged to go out into their community to offer their services for free. For example, a builder could help mend roof leaks for the elderly, a lawyer would give legal advice at the local community centre for free, a doctor would give their community free medical advice, and so on. This will then benefit not only the community but also encourage everyone in the community to play a role in the bettering of the next person, which in turn benefits the country.

It is our hope that by actually raising not just awareness but also attaching a required action it will help the people to be more courteous and less likely to litter or damage public property. The concept is based on social responsibility - if one litters or damages public property they themselves will then take responsibility for fixing the very problem they have caused. This initiative will change the mindsets of individual to be able to realise that their actions may not have an adverse affect on them immediately but throwing away their rubbish causes damage to the environment and the general outlook on their city or town. This initiative will encourage us to be responsible for ourselves and take charge of our surroundings.

The benefits of Zim Clean are not merely economic.  The day is intended to build community involvement and strengthen cohesion between persons of different background and levels.   One such a benefit is that people can access authorities to articulate their needs and voice opinions on various issues. This programme embodies ideas of joint effort, mutual assistance and social responsibility, and community self-reliance. People participate in cleaning streets, cutting grass and trimming bushes along roads, or repairing public facilities or building houses for vulnerable persons. People with particular skills offer their services for free on this day.

The labour cost from Zim Clean will contribute to national development programs.  By reaping the rewards of the volunteer labour and by having more capital to invest in the country, this initiative will contribute to the growth and development of Zimbabwe.

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