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The mission of 1 Million Pieces clothing drive is to provide clothing to the economically disadvantaged. The target is to have accumulated 1 million pieces of clothing by the end of 2012. How this will be done is by engaging the Zimbabwean community to donate their second hand pieces of clothing so that those without may benefit. This drive will not only help the numerous orphans and street kids in need, it will also bring the community together in love to help the less fortunate. It will raise awareness of how much others lack and perhaps encourage the various communities to find other ways to help the less fortunate.

The corporate sector will also be engaged so that they too may have a chance to give back. There will be collection days at which the employees can bring their second hand clothing and the clothes will be added to the collection. The corporates themselves will be given the option to donate brand new clothing, so will wholesalers and clothing manufacturers.

Program Short-Term Success

The 1 Million Pieces clothing drive through word of mouth within the last few days, has already generated more than one hundred pieces of clothing. Being able to generate this amount of clothing so early in the drive is an indication of things to come. We know that once we make the Zimbabwean community aware of what we are trying to achieve, it is possible to raise even more than one million pieces of clothing. Once we have hit our target, we intend to distribute the articles of clothing nationwide to those in need.

Program Long-Term Success

The ultimate goal of this program is to have all Zimbabweans adequately clothed. Not limiting it to casual clothing, but spreading to school uniforms, sports kits and shoes for children whose families cannot afford. How this will be done is that we will train those willing to learn, how to sow using industrial machines (through Vapro, or associate organization) and set them up in facilities that will produce the clothing for the people and themselves. The drive will not only leave the nation clothed, but empowered as well.

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