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About Us

With Love Foundation bridges the gap for the less-privileged and seeks to create a better society through initiatives that benefit the community. With Love Foundation represents both its own causes and the causes of charities related in our chosen fields of operation. With Love believes that through the active participation of the average man out there we as Zimbabweans can help create a brighter future for the present generation and the generation ahead.


Built upon a foundation of quality, respect and integrity, our aim is to alleviate poverty in Zimbabwe by empowering the underprivileged and providing them will tools and resources that will ensure that a better quality of life is a right to which everyone is entitled.



With love's mission is to improve in the quality of life, uplift marginalised communities through means of sustainable development. We bridge the gap to the community and provide opportunities through programmes that change their lives for the better. We improve poor quality of life through gender sensitive programmes with community centred approaches. We support for helpful change by sharing relations with others for the improvement of civic society.


With Love is an organisation that creates the platform for charitable causes to have an audience. We facilitate other charitable causes through:

  • Events
  • Charity Dinners
  • Fun days
  • Sponsored Walks
  • Direct Fundraising
  • Auctions

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